Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sometimes you have to quit

Hi guys,

i know! I definitely have to apologise for not bloggin a long time.
Folks who know me are not surprised at all.

Anyway... a story which began about 6 years ago will end next week.
One of my music project are gonna quit. I had a lot of fun with the most of the people there.
But during the last few month there where so many senseless discussions initiated by exactly one person, that a clear decision had to be taken.
Owing to the personal development of many band members "we" decided to make a break for at least 8 month. Julia is going to take a semester abroad (possibly making an intern with siemens in orlando florida), peanut is going to study and jo will hopefully be able to start his jazz studies at the conservatory.

For me having no main project offers me new opportunities.
I got offered a few new jobs in bands, for example.
But most probably I start something what is in the back of my mind for a long time.
Playing Doublebass.
I am thinking about it every few month. The reason why didn´t launch into it has been
the lacking of time. The Upright is not a kind of an instrument which you can learn along the way. In fact you have to provide a specific amount of time. Let´s say about 1 to 2 hours a day (at least in the beginning).
The second thing which kept me away was the costs of these instrument.
A passable bass is worth about 2000 bugs.
It´s not like a bass guitar, where you can get a assumable one for about 350 bugs.
Well let´s see what will happen the next few weeks.

I hope i will be intractable on this thing.

Take care!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Chapter almost done

Oh my god! It has really been six month now, that i wrote something on this blog.
In the meanwhile i managed to finish my diploma thesis. Now I am a hybrid thing between a student and an unemployed, jazzy. With the end of my studies i realised, that the good relaxed time of my studis is over. Damn, that has been a short interlude. Musical speaking i now have to make a good bridge to the next verse. Writing some applications is not the big thing. But dealing with the human resources zombies makes me really exasperated. Sometimes i have to ask myself what these guys are doin´ the whole day long. I really have no clue. Today i had a job interview at the office of one of the biggest engineering service provieders. Well, some kind of soul hawker. Lets see what time keeps for me. Try to fill the gaps with music is a pretty good thing. I am having a gig on friday. I can tell you more next week.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

...And a big yellow taxi took my car away

My cute old Ford Escort has quit the service. More than 4 years it got me a small piece of agility (If i was able to get my ass of the sofa. A few of you guys know what i am talking about). So i have a "new" car for 3 weeks now. It´s a Volkswagen. The good ol´Golf (but station wagon).
No longer the dangerous feeling on the highway with tempo 150 km/h *g*. No wind blowing inside the car (the seal of the old car wasn´t that leak-proof). Ragtop-feeling without getting wet if it rains - that´s cool. That´s all over now. The change to reach my target raised to vastness. But was it worth that? For shure it was not worth to but another few hundret euro in the ford to get it fixed. Well times are over when i sat in the old rusty tank, singing to music of bob marley, banging my head, dreadlocks flying around, the cops stopping me searching me or/and my car for drugs. Good old times *g*. Dreadlocks were cut of, car broke down. At least i still enjoy to listen to Bob Marley and Tower of Power (phew! No chart song will come through my auditory canal! That´s for shure. At least not if i can influence it).
For all that i am very happy about that change. I don´t have to pray to the lord to start up my car. Maybe i will post a pic next days. Lets see. So long. Take care everybody.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS! I hope you doin fine and getting everything you worked for and what you deserve. Enjoy your day. May the next year be one of the good ones for you. Wish you all the best. A lot of more years on this planet for you.

Well wrote it on Thursday the 10. dont know why the time is displayed wrong

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Everybody Loves The Sunshine....

Hi folks,

yesterday evening i have been to a concert of incognito - a britian jazz funk band - with Julia and a few friends. After bettina coming late to pick us up. At the Highway we got into a traffic jam. The latency was affecting almost the whole evening. Well we arrived at 8:45 at aschaffenburg. The concert was supposed to begin at 9. Despite of the fact that we still had to buy our tickets We made our way looking for a Mickie D´s or something. We decided to get a sandwich at subway´s first. When we went in the band was already playin and the hall looked very crowded. But after a while we found a nice place in front of the stage. The Concert were very cool. The powerfull sound and music of incognito kicked my ass. After 6 songs i realized what i had forgotten, my hearing protection. Anyway i enjoyed the concert. At the end all the musicians were introduced and it turnout that the bandleader actually is form mauritius. After the concert i gave him a short small talk which has been very funny. All in all a successful evening. When i was lying in my bed i cursed myself for forgetting my hearing protection. I still got tinnitus but i guess thats the price if got to pay for it. I hope i will learn out of it.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

time flies

After my first week at Viasys Healthcare (the company where i am writing my diploma thesis) i recognized that i am at the end of my studies. Then i had to remeber the great time on mauritius, where i was so lucky to get to know so many great people. The funny evening at hubsis flat share and other nice moments. Looks like i am gonna enter a new period of life. New things to do. New opportunities. Well the next few months i have to work for my diploma thesis, which i am enjoying quiet a lot because i was at home for the last half year to prepare for a important examination.
So it keeps me very busy but i like it. My colleagues are very relaxed the most of the time which generates a nice working atmosphere. Sometimes i thing they are a little to relaxed if you know what i mean. The next week i am busy reading nice documentation loads of pages. Some are very boring and i guess i will forget the content within 3 hours *g*. The heck with it!

Today it´s holiday in germany - labor day - so we got a party yesterday where a maypole was raised. Well good old tradition in bavaria. So i had to do the vigil with a few guys which was quiet funny. Conclusion: a lot of shit has been talked, a lot of drunk people, an "almost fray" ... same shit, differen year.
I went to bed 7 o´clock in the morning so i slept until 2 pm.
The rest of the day i will relax. Tomorrow morning work goes on.
Maybe i gonna make some musik with a good friend later.

Monday, April 30, 2007

A long, long time ago ... i can still remember

Hello again,

once upon a time there was a blog. This blog was sparsely updated because of a idle skitter.
This idle bastard was unshaved with felted hair...
Times have changed. And so I try to change and start blogging.
I hope i will be able to blog more often than i once tried to.
Lets see what will happen.

So long!